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Specializing in Commercial and Multi-Family Housing.  We also assist residential clients.  We can provide a helping hand in times of disasters. Please call 1-210-826-1185 to help you with the insurance claim process.

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We are Public Adjusters licensed by the State of Texas and in full compliance with state requirements.  We charge no more than 10% including expenses.  We are not attorneys who typically charge 40% plus expenses. We are not contractors, who by the way are not licensed to negotiate with your carrier. We work for the insured/insurance policy holders.

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"San Antonio Hailstorm rated the most damaging in U.S. History"
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We confer with forensic engineers,  meteorologists,  CPA's and attorneys if required.

As of today most contractors have a backlog of ordered re-roof projects and we are actively assisting them with their insurance company adjustments that are short of the proper amounts to do those jobs. We are helping property managers both commercial office and shopping centers . Tile Roofs in San Antonio have almost all been turned down in this storm and on a large portion of those we are able to reverse a small repair claim and transform it into a complete tile replacement. Almost all Low Slope Roofing Systems (flat roofs) are being turned down on the initial insurance company adjuster inspection. We are experts at dealing with that negotiation and coming up with outstanding roof replacement results. Upon receiving your request I will schedule an appointment with you for a my professional initial inspection of your damage then if I find damage not addressed in your Insurance claim at no cost or obligation to you. We will map out a plan to contact your carrier and increase your property damage claim.

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 On April 12, 2016 San Antonio experienced a direct hit from a severe hailstorm that dropped all sizes of hail from Softball, Grapefruit, Baseball, Tennis ball, Golf ball, Ping Pong ball, Quarter, Nickel, Dime and Pea sized. All the Balls and all the Change and a wide variety of fruit and vegetable sized chunks of Ice bounced off of San Antonio, Helotes, Boerne, Leon Valley, Converse, Kirby, Alamo Hts., Terrell Hills. San Antonio was hit with 2!/2” to 3” Hailstones far an wide from Helotes to Kirby and north to Harry Wurzbach Parkway and South to Downtown San Antonio. Right away this storm was recognized as epic size at the storm damage was estimated at about 2 billion dollars. As of today that estimate has been revised to the neighborhood of 7 billion dollars. Finally we are beginning to hear the sounds of the nailguns of the roofing crews. Never before has there been such a large delay in getting installation crew manpower to the scene because most of the crews in the State were already buried in re-roofs from the March 17 2016 Ft. Worth , Arlington, Dallas hail event.